van der Kaaij

associate (lawyer)
Maastricht - Airport

T: +31 43 711 22 07
E: hester.vanderkaaij@lexquire.nl

Hester van der Kaaij’s expertise lies within the area of procedural law and liability law. Within that scope she focuses on class action law suits.

In addition to her work at LexQuire Hester teaches at the faculty of Law at Maastricht University. As such she uses her academic knowledge and contacts in an advisory capacity at LexQuire. She heads the research bureau of LexQuire.

Before she joined LexQuire she wrote her doctoral thesis at Maastricht University in the field of legal theory concerning juridical acts from a cross-boarder perspective.

She currently advises and litigates for foundations that seek damages in class action lawsuits.


  • Dutch
  • English