Our notaries, lawyers and tax advisors know what questions arise and what problems can arise with regards to entrepreneurial practice. With our interdisciplinary approach, entrepreneurs are offered the total package. Our specialists help entrepreneurs with notarial, legal and tax questions.

Doing business (internationally)

Doing business (internationally) involves risks. By making clear agreements in advance and putting them down in your contracts, you can exclude many of these risks. Clear general terms and conditions, for example, play an important role in this. Concrete agreements in contracts can also steer unforeseen circumstances in the right direction in advance.

It is therefore very important that  your contracts and general terms and conditions are not open to multiple interpretations. Furthermore, it is important that you take into account that some provisions are mandatory by law. This can differ per country. If provisions in your contract are contrary to the law, this can have negative consequences for you, your contract could be completely invalid. Making clear and legally solid agreements prevents conflicts and the need for lengthy and costly litigation.

Consultation in advance

We strongly advice you to seek legal advice from an expert at the earliest possible stage of, for example, contract negotiations. Our specialists can assist you in setting up or restructuring your organization, amending or drafting contracts, or with any insolvency or tax issues.

We can advise you on the best form of business, a strategic approach to a business takeover or the tax structure of your organization. The possibilities, risks and pitfalls will be mapped out for you.


In the event of a dispute, litigation may be necassary. We will advise you on your options and map out your position. In doing so, we will take into account the commercial advantages and disadvantages as well as the long-term risks and any international aspects. The possibilities of reaching a settlement with the other party will be explored. If there are no acceptable settlement possibilities, we will assist you in the legal proceedings.