Family office

You have built up considerable assets with your business and are continuing the family business. You wish to pass it on to the next generation. In connection with the advice on family law, financial and tax matters, you are now being advised and assisted by various professionals or you are looking for expert advice with regard to your asset management.

Estate planning

The family office of LexQuire advises you on estate planning. In this context, it maintains contact with, for example, your accountant and tax advisor. The family office will advise you and guide you through the process of transferring your business, coordinating the prenuptial agreement, wills and other necessary arrangements. Even if you are not an entrepreneur but would like to transfer your assets to the next generation in a tax-friendly manner, the LexQuire family office is your trusted contact.

International and multidisciplinary advice

Our specialists are fluent in Dutch, German, French, Romanian and English, both in speaking and in writing.

If your situation requires it, our  (deputy) civil law notaries will work closely with our tax specialists who specialize in estate planning. Good estate planning involves not only inheritance law and matrimonial property law, but also tax law (e.g. inheritance and gift tax, but also income and corporate tax). We also have an (international) network of professional partners, such as accountants and financial advisors. As your one-stop-shop, we are therefore able to provide you with multidisciplinary advice on your estate planning.

Would you like to meet one of our (deputy) civil-law notaries or lawyers? Please feel free to contact LexQuire.