(Tax) Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions need to be preceded by a due diligence process. With due care, the potential fiscal and legal risks should be mapped out. LexQuire’s team consists of legal, tax and notarial specialists. Because of our one-stop-shop approach you can rely on us for the entire process of a transaction.

The process

In addition to identifying the risks, we also give recommendations and advice on how you can prevent or limit risks in the future. We also advise on tax optimisation and how you can ensure that the process maps out in the way you intend. Together with you, we determine what the scope of the due diligence.

Internationale aspecten

In a due diligence process, international aspects play a major role if cross-border mergers or acquisitions are involved. Our specialists have extensive experience with international issues. our team consists of Dutch lawyers as well as German lawyers (Rechtsanwälte) and internationally oriented (deputy) civil law notaries, tax advisors and lawyers.

Key Contacts