Employment & Pension

Developments in the labour market are  fast-paced. Flexibility and agility are the new norm. Employment law is alive, as is society. As a result, regulations regarding, for instance, sick employees, pension or dismissal do change regularly. The employment law specialists of LexQuire will be happy to guide you through these changing regulations. Both within the Netherlands and internationally.

Litigation or settlement

Do you have an employment law question, or is a dispute looming, even in cross-border situations? If so, we will be happy to assist you at the earliest possible stage. Our approach is solution-oriented. During the advisory phase, we strive as much as possible to resolve your dispute amicably (mediation), thus avoiding lengthy and costly legal proceedings. Such a settlement also increases the chance of you being able to continue your working relationship. Is it not possible to reach a good solution together? LexQuire is at your disposal during the proceedings as well.


Participation in an industry-wide pension fund can be obligatory for an entire industry. The decree of compulsory participation sometimes includes different scope provisions than an industry-wide CAO. Employers often only find out after years that they are subject to the obligation. The financial consequences can be considerable. By getting good advice in advance from the specialists of LexQuire, you can avoid such unpleasant surprises.

Reorganisation, merger or acquisition

A successful merger or takeover starts with thorough preparation. After all, a merger or takeover can have a major impact on employees and thus cause unrest within the companies involved. Oftentimes, the works council or employee representative body must also be asked for advice or consent on certain issues. Good preparation, rapid exchange of information and careful planning and communication are crucial.

The employment lawyers of LexQuire have extensive experience with both national and international mergers and acquisitions. We like to be involved in your plans at the earliest possible stage so that we can constructively advise you on your strategy and the choices you have to make and your obligations.

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