Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition processes are often intense, far-reaching and complex. The financial interests involved in a merger or takeover are considerable and the consequences of decisions are not always easy to oversee. It is tus crucial that you involve a legal specialist at an early stage.

Legal advice on mergers or acquisitions: from A to Z

Our specialists will be happy to advise you during all phases of the transaction process. During the preparation phase, for example, we can advise you on tax aspects, or on the opportunities and risks of a prior restructuring or reorganisation (due diligence). We will also be happy to accompany you during the first informal and exploratory talks.

LexQuire combines power of various legal disciplines (lawyers from various jurisdictions, tax advisers and notaries). This allows us to function as your one-stop-shop. Depending on the nature and complexity of your matter, we put together a multidisciplinary and/or international team. Thanks to our extensive national and international network, we also cooperate with professional partners and can service your needs abroad (for example in auditing, accounting or corporate finance).

Mergers and acquisitions and other jurisdictions

Mergers and acquisitions often involve interfaces with other areas of law, such as company & corporate law, employment law and tax law. LexQuire also has specialists within those areas of law. Our professional and multidisciplinary team is pro-active and can provide the support of the right specialist at the right time. LexQuire guides you from start to finish through a smooth Merger- or Acquisition process.

M&A Lawyer

Good M&A lawyers know the market and your industry. That is why they are labelled “dealmakers”, rather than “deal breakers”. They will not only point out the legal pitfalls and risks. They will also think along with you about practical, legal and tax opportunities.

LexQuire regularly advises clients as a dealmaker in (international) mergers and acquisitions. In acquisitions we assist both buying and selling parties. Our M&A lawyers assist our clients as strategic and pragmatic partners during the preparation, negotiation and completion of their transaction.

Legal advice following a merger or takeover

LexQuire’s specialists can also advise, negotiate or litigate for you during the settlement of the transaction or at the end of a merger or takeover process (e.g. if a dispute has arisen over the interpretation of an agreement, or if one of the parties has failed to meet its obligations and your rights need to be enforced (litigation)).

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