Public Law

The relationship between governmental bodies and citizens is governed by administrative law. The framework for the Dutch administrative law is provided for in the Dutch General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht). These rules are often procedural in nature. In special national and decentralised regulations, the substantive rules are further specified. This often makes it a complex matter to find the applicable laws and regulations. Our specialists know exactly where to look and will provide you with the best advice. They will also assist you in administrative legal proceedures if necessary.

Governmental bodies and businesses

European and national regulation increases in all sectors. More and more regulations are emerging in areas such as safety, spatial planning, the environment and public procurement. Our specialists continually study  new regulations and the changes in various sectors. They keep up with the developments to have what it takes to assist you.

Business men regularly come into contact with the governmental authorities when pursuing or expanding their activities. Our specialists will assist you in your cooperation with government bodies as well as in case you run into a conflict one of them.

Key Contacts