Cross-border investments a lot of opportunities in the tax field. As our experienced advisors have a lot of knowledge regarding (international) tax legislation and regulations, you will have the best advice  at your disposal. LexQuire always strives for efficient and to the point solutions.

Tax advisors

We are specialists in our field. With our expertise and international experience, we can support you in (international) mergers and acquisitions, as well as in other cross-border matters.

Mergers and acquisitions

LexQuire offers an integrated service in M&A transactions. Our tax advisors take care of the tax due diligence, the fiscally beneficial integration into an existing structure and the optimisation of the transaction tax.

We will also be happy to advise you on a restructuring or conversion. We are always able to find a (tax) efficient solution that meets your requirements.

International advice

Our tax advisors are fluent in Dutch, German and English. In order to provide our clients with the best possible service, we have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.

Corporate income tax, transfer tax, turnover tax

The (international) tax laws and regulations are complex and constantly changing. This makes it difficult for businesses to keep up. In addition, society is increasingly focusing on transparency. The fight against tax avoidance has drastically increased in recent years (globally and within Europe). Governments are cooperating more and more intensively with each other.

As a business man, you must be able to rely on expert advice from experienced tax advisors. Advisors who can provide you with insight into the legislation and regulations which are relevant to you. They need to be able to assist you in setting up practical organisation and financing structures with a proper explanation about your tax risks. In addition, they have to be able to assist you in consultations and negotiations with the tax authorities.

At LexQuire you will find such tax advisors. We specialise in Dutch and international tax law. Because LexQuire has a team of different tax specialists in house, we can offer you multidisciplinary advice when needed. This also enables us to think pro-actively and strategically with you.

Corporate income tax

Our tax advisors assist business men and international companies in a variety of matters involving corporate taxation:

  • Transfer pricing
  • Rulings
  • Controlled foreign company (CFC) rules
  • Management participations
  • Transfer of the corporate seat
  • Participation exemption
  • Fiscal unity
  • The deduction of interests
  • Mergers and demergers


You can contact LexQuire for, among other things:

  • Advice on organisational structuring
  • Advice on innovation incentive schemes
  • Tax advice on cross-border investments
  • Advice on the tax aspects of financing
  • Advice on forming a fiscal unity
  • Negotiating and drawing up an Advance Tax Ruling (ATR) or Advance Pricing Arrangement (APR)
  • Consultation and cooperation with the tax authorities in the context of horizontal monitoring
  • Advice on participation exemptions
  • Advice on loss relief
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Advice on tax covenants
  • Assistance with tax audits by the tax authorities

Turnover tax

Almost every company in the Netherlands has to deal with turnover tax (VAT). LexQuire is happy to advise your business in that respect.


    • Determination of liability for VAT
    • (Inter)national VAT planning
    • VAT returns in the Netherlands
    • Advice on a fiscal unity and VAT
    • Applying for tax exemptions
    • VAT monitoring
    • Objection and appeal procedures
    • Fiscal due diligence

Overlap of transfer tax and VAT

In the Netherlands, many taxes are interrelated. Within real estate, the levying of transfer tax and turnover tax are closely linked. Sometimes there can be confluence. LexQuire will be happy to advise you on how to avoid such confluence.

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